Have you just graduated and/or are looking for new things to do either for the summer or for your life, and something niggling in the back of your head is screaming “I want to be an entrepreneur”? OR maybe you know that being in business for yourself full-tilt just isn’t in the cards for you for whatever reason, but you still want to be an INNOVATION MACHINE (picture that I’m screaming that out in a giant megaphone) in your organization?


Ever felt turned around trying to wrap your head around all of resources, advice, and tips & tricks out there promising that if you follow them exclusively, you will succeed? Boy, do I get that. Try Googling “Young Entrepreneur Advice” or “How Can I Help My Company Innovate?”. Yeah, there’s…a few suggested websites! Enough to make you want to pack up and head for the Rockies, the Laurentians, or the solitude of the Canadian Shield, I imagine!

Mount Logan in the Yukon Territory- Canada’s Highest Peak.

SO, I have made it a little bit easier for you rural Canadian young entrepreneurs and young intrapreneurs by creating a comprehensive list of what I feel are the resources that will get you going in the right direction. I will not promise that it will guarantee success, because they’re just words of advice and resources passed from me to you. Success is what’s in you, your work ethic, and the viable product/service that you provide to your customers.

Without further ado, your Entrepreneurship & Innovation Start-Up Party Pack!

For All of You Rural Canadian Young People:

Just for You Rural Canadian Young Entrepreneurs