I turn 30 next month (mid-September if anyone feels like sending a gift). It’s had me reflecting A LOT on what I’ve made of my life so far. Which means tonnes of sobbing, feeling victorious and also incredibly nervous. The best way for me to quell my anxiety tends to be by writing out my accomplishments and goals, then making them public. I’ve also played that game that Randall and Beth Pearson play called “Worst Case Scenario”, and it can help sometimes.

So, to help myself and maybe help you, amazing readers that you are, get a better understanding of who I am as a person, let’s look at what I did before 30, what I missed, and what I am doing next.

Me, taking the best pic I could in a dressing room mirror.

What I accomplished by 30:

  • Education and experience within the business community (HR, Accounting, Admin).
  • The ability to not be afraid to talk about what matters to me.
  • The ability to not be ashamed of what I didn’t accomplish by 30.
  • One of the highest levels most will reach within my Branch of the Canadian Forces (Commanding Officer of a Cadet unit) and achieved the rank of Captain.
  • Completed multiple 5Ks, 10Ks and 21.1Ks.
  • Joined a Not-For-Profit econominc organisation as a volunteer Director.
  • Joined Rotary International.
  • Launched and successfully pivoted a blog about being a community engager and sharing my voice.
  • Ran for Municipal Council before I was 25.
  • Was approached to run a Federal MP Candidates Election Office before I turned 20.
  • Moved 4 hours away from my beloved home area to pursue a Public Service opportunity, but still manage to keep up with it for when I return and reintegrate back in.
  • Survived mental illness and eating disorders that almost killed me and that I still deal with today, even with counselling.
  • The ability to share my stories and use my voice & knowledge for the greater good.
  • Coming out as Asexual.

What I missed out on:

  • A Reg Force Officer career in Logistics.
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.
  • Being able to afford my own house or apartment on a single person’s dual incomes.
  • Being so focused on my career that I missed out on building a more solid group of friends.
  • Waiting until 2 months before my 30th to finally open up and use my voice to rectify wrongs & pursue what works for me.
Every year-ish or so, I do a comparison pic to tell the story of my progress through my face alone.

What I’m tackling in this new decade:

  • All that I missed, minus the Reg Force career.
  • Completing a Marathon.
  • Rank up.
  • Take courses on Physical & Wellness Training as a side hustle.
  • Breathing more.
  • Finding that special someone to go through it all with that understands who I am.
  • As Tim McGraw put it- celebrating the end of an era and the turning of a page.

How about you? What do your lists look like?