I’ve looked high and low for literature on being Ace, specifically from a Canadian perspective, but I couldn’t find anything. So, I decided to create something. I have spoken about being Asexual openly on my blog, The Philanthropic Bookace, and on my Instagram account (@philanthropicbookace), but I wanted something to potentially hit the mainstream (fingers crossed), and not just from the perspective of someone who is dating (I’m not) nor in a relationship (again, not), and not from a clinical perspective. 

I also wanted to write something from a uniquely Canadian perspective. I’ve also seen critiques from the LGBTQIA+ community saying that we don’t belong at Pride or to be considered as members of the LGBTQIA+ community because we haven’t faced legal and societal oppression. I can tell you that while I haven’t faced legal oppression, I have certainly faced societal oppression/pressure. More on that later. How I view things is that love, no matter how that love is defined by the individuals involved in the loving relationship, is love. And we all belong. 

Now, I’ve started to write my first book to share my story. I invite you to come take a look! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to add them.

The book: The Philanthropic BookAce.

I hope that by me telling a little bit about my story has helped you. I know it helped me even come to terms better with how I fully identify. This is absolutely a safe space and you are free to be you any time we interact.