Let’s work together on raising the profile of those who identify under the Asexual umbrella in Canada. There are about 365,000 of us, and we deserve to have our voices heard.

Welcome to the return of a fan favourite with a new flair on the Philanthropic BookAce! As a woman who identifies as Asexual, I’ve made it my mission to highlight the fantastic Canadian Asexuals who are killing it in their respective industries and communities across Canada.

I want to connect with Asexual Canadian leaders (in every definition of that word as a verb), community builders, entrepreneurs, business people, or anyone who identifies as Ace in Canada for a special interview series. All are welcome, including Ace allies! Please note there is a question about asexuality, but it’s just looking for thoughts and ideas on how to raise awareness & enhance education within Canadian society.

Privacy is critical, and I respect you all completely as fellow humans. So, while I need to know your name to make sure you’re real, if you’re more comfortable publicly using your business name/stage name/pseudonym, let me know. Whatever you are the most comfortable with.

Here’s the part where you ask yourself Alright, Rachael, I’m game. What do I have to do next? It’s so simple. You just need to answer the questions below, click submit, then send the photo(s) you would like used by email to thephilanthropicbookace@outlook.com using the subject line “Canadian Asexual Community Project – (insert your name here).”

P.s. if you need more room for your answers or want to think about them more, send me an email and I will send you the questions that way!