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Top Leaders Under 30

Every year, I actively seeking out nominations from within our community to determine who are the “Top Leaders Under 30” in the Bay of Quinte region. To get these nominations, I reached out to the community as a whole and invited them to nominate the deserving young people in their lives.

The criterion is simple: that they be a young person under 30 who is working hard and making difference in our community. There is no requirement to be an entrepreneur but as you’ll see, most have either dabbled in entrepreneurship, are business owners or have taken risks similar to that of being an entrepreneur.  All of the winners listed range from young people with name recognition already to those whose names I have no doubt will one day be landmarks in their community.

All endorsements are for the most part as they were received from the nominator(s). Some nominations submitted were a little longer, and some were a little shorter, but all are incredibly poignant.

2017/2018 Top Leaders Under 30: Bay of Quinte

2018/2019 Top Leaders Under 30: Bay of Quinte

2019/2020 Top Leaders Under 30: Bay of Quinte

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