The only way to know if entrepreneurship is the right path for you is to jump in feet first. If you flame out, so what as long as there are no lingering financial and physical effects. Dust yourself off and try it again. Yes, blogs like mine are great resource materials and are designed to be used as such, but you need to really experience the trials, tribulations and successess of being an entrepreneur in order to really get it.

One of the best ways in this area for High School students is an event coming up in two weeks known as Startup Weekend- Bay of Quinte Edition. This event is taking place from 02-04 June 2017 at Loyalist College, and is being run by QuinteVation and Startup Bay of Quinte.

It’s 2.5 jam-packed days of experiencing what it is truly like to live the life of a startup entrepreneur. You’ll see that: it’s messy, there’s non-stop chaos, you’ll want to quit multiple times, and, that it is among the most rewarding things you’ll ever get a chance to do. If you have been seriously considering starting a business, I encourage you to attend. I know I would be if my Cadet Squadron didn’t have our Annual Ceremonial Review and Spring Gliding that weekend!

If money is an issue (there is a $50.00 entrance fee), send me an email via the Contact Section. I will sponsor one lucky person to attend the event.