Lots of municipalities, counties and Regional Health Authorities are making it a requirement for anyone entering a business, access resources or take public transit. How does one keep up with it, especially if you have to cross into different areas for work or necessities?

As a resource-focused blog, I feel it my responsibility to pass on this information as it pertains to how business and organizations operate. Here is a list of everywhere in Ontario that requires you to wear a face covering if you can (with list of affected municipalities or potentially affected municipalities). As more regions and municipalities make these announcements (i.e. HPEPH and HKPR both did as I was writing this), I will update the list!

Businesses and organizations in areas outside of those listed above may also require or strongly recommend the use of facial coverings in order to be granted access, and in places where physical distancing indoors is difficult. In all honesty, just come prepared with something to protect yourself and others- a scarf, a mask, a face shield, etc.. You don’t know who you’re around, if you are asymptomatic, if they are, or if they are/know someone who is elderly or immunocompromised.

Information from Ontario Public Health regarding the wearing of face coverings can be found here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/face-coverings-and-face-masks