Happy Canada Day to everyone.

This is a difficult one for all, including me. I am quite proud to be Canadian, be a First Generation Canadian, and serve Canada as a member of the Canadian Forces, but I am deeply and acutely aware of the fact that we have a lot of reconciliation and work to do with how Indigenous people in this country are and have been treated. This only happens through actively working on making changes and educating ourselves.

Growing up, one of my best friends was/is Indigenous, people I consider mentors are Indigenous and I grew up next to Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. My heart aches for the Indigenous Community as their lost children are found.

I’m taking today to reflect, support local, and educate myself on a part of Canada’s history (living and past) that should absolutely be taught in schools.

If anyone knows of a site that has information on the Indigenous population in Prince Edward County, please send it my way or post in the comments.