One of the most important things I’ve learned over the last few days is just how important persistence is. After 3 years of putting in the blood, sweat and tears, Youth Beyond Enterprises is starting to get noticed more in terms of readership and engagements online.

For years, I would have to publish something and heavily promote that one piece in order to get just a few views. A few times I’m pretty sure they were my mother checking out what had me sitting at a cafe, library or Loyalist College all hours of the day/night because inspiration struck and I just couldn’t not write what was flowing from my brain into my fingertips on the keyboard. Now, every time I check the stats on the site, they are on the steady increase even if I haven’t promoted an article in a few days. Huzzah!!

When I think back to all of the times I have wanted to walk away (and there have been more than a few times) or been filled with regret because I couldn’t do more with it, I’m so glad I’ve persevered. Especially when I get messages saying “Hi, can you help me out?” YES, YES I CAN!

Now that it’s taking off how I like it, my career in the Cadet Instructor Cadre is beginning to ramp up and my civvie career is in the very early-middle stage (I can pay my bills and save some money to put towards this website because I receive absolutely no government or venture capitalist funding, nor do I receive donations (though there is a link if people feel so inclined)), I think I’m comfortable with starting to view myself as somewhat successful in at least two of my lines of work/passion!

To all of you who have stuck with me through thick and thin, and even to those who have newly discovered that I exist (or that this is what I spend my waking hours doing when not at work, training for a half marathon, or working with my Cadet Corps)- THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

p.s. does this mean I can officially start calling myself a Boss Girl? SheEO may be a stretch just yet after seeing the incredible things that the Ventures and Activators are doing in that organization, but one day I will be!